Wings Over Water Leamington is a nonprofit aviation-oriented entertainment organization with aspirations of innovating the air show industry, developing long-term industry success, and fostering a culture of excellence in the local community. Wings Over Water Leamington is actively pursuing potential partners to produce an annual air show event with the mission of supporting local charities, highlighting the aerospace industry, and supporting local veterans.

The Airshow Industry

The air show industry has been long-standing and successful generating over $100 million dollars in annual revenue per year, attracting on average over 10 million spectators over the span of 300+ events in North America each year.

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Wings Over Water Leamington is highly determined to support our partners in the local community and our actions to become a global aviation brand will only further our commitment to providing our partners with a better-valued investment each year. Contact us to learn how we can connect with you with our audience!