First off, thank you for interest in Wings Over Windsor! We are incredibly excited to host a truly modern, fun, and diverse culture inside our organization and our volunteer team is at the front and centre of our focus.
Volunteers form the foundation for how the event will be perceived and we expect to provide our guests with an excellent outing with their families and friends.

Wings Over Windsor Beach Edition fly’s August 26-27th, 2023 at Seacliff Beach in Leamington, Ontario. Our volunteers (depending on your department) will be required as early as Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023, and as late as Monday, August 28th, 2023.

Guidelines to Apply:

  • Volunteers must be at least 16 years or older to volunteer
  • Volunteers must abide by Wings Over Windsor policies, procedures, and bylaws
  • Volunteers must be available for a minimum of 2 of the 3 days operations will be at it’s busiest
  • Volunteers must agree to follow COVID-19 safety policies enforced by Wings Over Windsor, the Province of Ontario, and the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit.
As an organization, we want to ensure our volunteer team is properly equipped with all the tools, information, and resources to be as successful as possible. Wings Over Windsor is redefining the volunteer culture in the air show industry, and we are eager to show you what being apart of our team means to us.

Stay tuned early in 2023 for updated information regarding open volunteer opportunities and what we will do to ensure your time spent with us is worth your time and effort.

Volunteer Definitions

Event Site Operations

Being a part of our event operations team is an exciting challenge and we are looking for detail-oriented individuals eager to show pride in their work. Your primary responsibility will be ensuring the event site is clean, and organized and that infrastructure is not damaged or has been moved. It is a requirement that our paid guests have the opportunity to enjoy a clean environment with minimal discrepancies. Our mission is to keep this beautiful location as clean, safe and organized as possible and return it back to the general public in the same shape we received it from. 

Parking Operations

Parking is the first and last thing in each of our guests’ trips when they attend Wings Over Windsor Beach Edition and we must ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently. Parking lots will be available around the Municipality of Leamington for guests to Park N’ Ride at the event site. We will require Parking teams to be available at each of those lots to assist in smooth operations, excellent customer service and ensure our transportation system is as efficient as possible. If you are interested in logistics and providing excellent guest services, you will love the chance to be on our parking operations squad.

Public Safety

 It’s no secret that large-scale events are highly complex and require significant presence to ensure crowd control plus safe and secure operations. Our Public Safety responsibilities will include ensuring our guests have a safe environment and are not infringing on the safety of our show, other guests and the aircrew visiting. You will ensure that people do not enter the show site without authorization or tickets. Additional duties will be ensuring that when (not if), people exit the designated primary guest area, we communicate to the proper channels to reach a solution. 

Guest Services

Think of this role as the face-to-face responsibility of making sure our guests feel welcomed, listened to and appreciated. You will be available on the event site checking in on our guests, answering questions, providing accommodations and handing out giveaway items and representing our brand with excellent customer service qualities. 

Event Setup & Teardown

Our primary goal is to return our event’s primary site area to the Municipality of Leamington the same way we received it. Our event setup and tear-down team will be on-site, helping assemble infrastructure, securing our show site, helping coordinate logistics and assisting our contractors in their deliveries. You will work with the Director of Guest Experience to ensure all vendors, infrastructure and temporary structures are assembled properly and according to maps. You will also help with the teardown after the event and the exodus of infrastructure, vendors and other temporary structures. 

Volunteer APPLICATION Form

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